[FAKESUBS] EXO's New Trending Dance Move


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EXO teaches you how to perfect their new trending dance move from their 'Call Me Baby' music video.

Warning: NSFW

Warning: Not to be taken seriously

so dont get butthurt plez

these are obviously fake subs/a parody. the day that SM allows exo to talk about their dicks in a public interview is the day that hell freezes over lol. this is from exo guerilla date (search it up, theres a few different uploads) for people who dont bother reading descriptions & comment saying 'wtf is this real/where is this from' when all the info is right here or from the comment sections itself (or people taking this way too seriously & try to tell me the correct dance move name lmao pls), im too lazy to reply anymore / i made this as a joke after watching the CMB mv with all the crotch grabbing (and the live stages where some members half-assed that move xD), i didnt think it would get shared around on social media as much as it did, but now it has and i have to face the consequences lol

for those asking what the song at the end is (in case u wanna bounce ur D or V along to it i dunno xD) its bounce that dick by jenna marbles https://youtu.be/YwLMM_QBkMc its definitely nsfw & the video and lyrics are... yeah have a listen if u are of age lol

update 27/8/2015: the day has come. i added fake subs to the title. truly and completely lost faith in humanity

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