ATTRACT LOVE: Find Your Soulmate- Binaural Beats+Subliminal Meditation | program your subconscious


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Hi all, Welcome to the Finding & Attracting Love video. This session contains 639hz solfeggio frequency, 4hz theta binaural beats, subliminal audio and visual subliminal messages.

Attract the right man for you -
Attract the right guy *new* version -
Open your heart chakra -

The first 5 minutes of this session contain subliminal visual commands that appear as quick flashes, so the eye can't catch exactly what's written. Your consciousness can't resist those affirmations and it passes the threshold directly into your subconscious. Just sit or lie down comfortably and watch it with headphones in a dark room.
After those 5 minutes are over, continue to listen with headphones (it's not necessary to keep watching it.) Repeat this process consistently for 4 weeks to 90 days. Repetitive actions are the road to success.

639hz solfeggio frequency enables creation of harmonious interpersonal relationships, enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love.

4hz - Profound inner peace, emotional healing. Lowers mental fatigue. Deep meditation, near-sleep brainwaves.

The Subliminal Affirmations of This Session:
I am a magnet for love | The perfect partner is showing up in my life | My heart is open to receiving love from the right person | I am complete as an individual and choose to have love in my life | A romantic relationship is on its way to me | I am giving and caring towards the right person | I am free of ego | I attract the soul mate that fits me best | There is great love for me out there | The universe sends abundant love into my life | I deserve to love and be loved by my partner | Joy fills me when I radiate love | It feels great that my perfect match comes into my life

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