Be Confident, Powerful, Secure & Unstoppable -Binaural Subliminal Meditation | Increase Confidence


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Welcome to How to Build Self Confidence personal development Training/Coaching session.
This video contains: Binaural Beats alpha brain waves 10.5 and 10hz + SOLFEGGIO 396hz base frequency + Subliminal affirmations (both audio and visual) and relaxing meditation music.

Download this high quality subliminal MP3 here -

Self Confidence Subliminal water sound -
Attract love & find your true soul mate -

The first 5 minutes of this self confidence session include the visual subliminal messages. Please watch with HEADPHONES in a dark room. After the 5 minutes are over, lie down in a comfortable position, close your eyes and relax. It's recommended to listen before sleep.
Base frequency 396 hz solfeggio -- This frequency cleanse the feeling of fear and guilt, which often represents one of the basic obstacle to realization, enables achievement of goals in the most direct way.
10.5hz - Healing mind/body, Blood Pressure -- lowering, Love - of self, stimulaltion of Immune system -
10hz - Serotonin - release of, Solar Plexus/Manipura chakra, relaxation, Spiritual wisdom

The Subliminal Affirmations of the confidence session:
every breath, I inhale confidence and exhale fear | Feeling comfortable and serene around people comes naturally to me | I stay positive and feel amazing most of the time | The positive vibration of the universe is flowing in me | I feel grounded, stable and strong
My being in the world is valuable | I am a deserving human being | My presence in this world is magnificent | I trust myself, my abilities and my potential | I am capable of doing anything I desire | Confidence and high self-esteem is my natural state

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