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Getting into high energy vibrations is enormously important if you want to harness the Law of Attraction into your own good. Increasing your energy means to put yourself into an emotional spiral that makes you feel good; boosting your energy connects you with the source, with the vortex.
There are many ways to practice it such as avoiding watching TV, especially reality shows, being in nature, giving love to all animals, practicing gratitude and seeing the good in people.
This session contains empowering hidden messages that will help you raise your energy by replacing your sabotaging subconscious paradigms. It also contains healing frequencies of Isochronic tones that will calm your mind and expand your receptiveness of the messages.
Base frequencies: 396 hz Solfeggio frequencies & 360 hz
with 6.88 hz theta waves.

Some of the subliminal affirmations of this session:
I feel uplifting emotions every day
my level of energy is increasing and expanding at all times
it is easy for me to connect with my higher self
a ray of angelic light is being sent to me and wrap my halo with love
a divine energy fills me with warmth and love
I feel fabulous each and every day
senses of peace, ease and satisfaction escort me during day and night
I am a being of light; I’m the universe and the universe is me

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Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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