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READ, Please: I want to say thank u for the success of this video, and thank u for all the strangers that see it. I'm italian, yep, this should be a problem for you guys that subscribe at this channel. But ! I have the solution. I created a Facebook profile only for you, it's called " Cloud Lussury " U can add me there, i'll probably post other stuffs, in english, maybe some Vlog, or stuffs like that. I'll probably create other videos like this one, so , if u want to stay in contact with me, if you want to see other videos, in english, add " cloud lussury " on Facebook.
Thank you very much ;)

** Sottotitoli DISPONIBILI, attivateli dal menù del video **
An inspiring and emotional project that i made in 1 mounth. It took me a lot of time, but i'm happy that now i can finally let u see it.
I hope that u will like it, and share it !

You can find me on twitter at : Bloddymoonsky.

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